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Amsoil Dealer



Thank you for visiting Liberty Synthetics – your #1 Amsoil Dealer. We offer Amsoil quality synthetic oil and lubrication products to keep your vehicle running at its best.  Purchase Amsoil directly from our website, or call us at (219) 313-6903.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils dramatically outperform conventional petroleum motor oils time and again. Our products provide superior lubrication and friction reduction. The extensive product line includes the finest quality Synthetic Engine Oils, Synthetic Diesel Oils, Synthetic Gear Lubes, Synthetic Greases, Synthetic Industrial Lubricants, Extreme Condition Synthetic Lubricant Products and Filtration Products.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils reduce friction, heat, and wear, giving you maximum power, performance, and fuel efficiency. The products keep engines cleaner by being resistant to high-temperature burn-off, chemical breakdown, and sludging. AMSOIL products exceed the most demanding world-wide performance standards and meet warranty requirements for all domestic and imported passenger car engines.

Want to get the lowest guaranteed prices on Amsoil products?   Become an Amsoil Preferred Customer, and get all products at factory wholesale prices, approximately 25% off retail. Ordering is convenient and easy, and delivered directly to your door. You may place your order online or by phone, and it only takes 30 seconds to register!  By becoming a Preferred Customer, you will receive product catalogs, a monthly magazine, and information on how to become an AMSOIL dealer.